How Fast Can Alligators Run on Land?

Tim Zurowski/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, alligators can run up to 35 mph on land. Although these animals are frighteningly quick runners, they are only able achieve these speeds in short bursts and maintain it for only very short distances.

The idea of alligators chasing humans on land is one scary prospect that some Americans living in the South commonly fear. However, alligators actually have a natural fear of humans and they would rather stay away from people than chase after them. While some are considered “nuisance alligators,” these animals often only become so if someone comes too close. It is recommended to stay 60 feet away from an adult alligator as a precaution. If an alligator hisses, then this is a sign that a person is standing too close.

The average human can easily outrun an alligator as it tires quickly. Alligators are ambush predators and would rather sneak up on prey while hidden in the water where they can swim in speeds of up to 20 miles per hours.