How Fast Do Anacondas Move?

Cristóbal Alvarado Minic/CC-BY-2.0

On land, anacondas are capable of reaching up to 5 miles per hour. In water, anacondas have the ability to maintain a speed of 10 miles per hour. If stalking prey, they have a tendency to move at 8 miles per hour.

Anacondas live near rivers, lakes and swamps. In most circumstances, they live alone. Water is their main escape method when confronted with danger. Rather than attacking, they often choose to slide into the water unnoticed.

The largest documented anaconda to date was 28 feet, with a girth of 44 inches. The average size of an anaconda is 20 feet, long and 300 pounds. Anacondas give birth to live young, with between 24 to 35 snakelets in each spawn.