What Are the Famous Bulls of PBR?

According to Pro Bull Ranking HQ, the top ten bulls in the history of PBR competition are 81 Dillinger, J31 Bodacious, 61 Little Yellow Jacket, 13/6 Bushwacker, 856 Tahonta, 790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger, 60 Perfect Storm, 781 Asteroid, 102 Promised Land and 112 Red Wolf. The rankings are based on PBR statistics at all levels.

The average scores range from 93.786 to 91.816 for the top bulls that are now inactive, according to Pro Bull Ranking HQ. One bull, 61 Little Yellow Jacket, is deceased. Both 13/6 Bushwacker and 781 Asteroid are still active on the PBR circuit. The average marks for the top bulls that are now inactive range from 23.42 to 22.78. The ranking of the top ten bulls in history is based on a minimum of five outs.

Pro Bull Ranking HQ states that the only contractor with more than one bull ranked in the top ten is Herrington Cattle Co. of Mont Belvieu, Texas. Their ranked bulls are 81 Dillinger, 60 Perfect Storm and 112 Red Wolf. The remaining contractors, with one bull each, are Andrews Rodeo Co., Teague Bucking Bulls LLC, Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls, Big Bend / Flying 5 Rodeo, D&H Cattle Co., Circle T Ranch & Rodeo and Terry Williams.