What Are Some Exotic Bird Names?

People with exotic birds often choose exotic-sounding names, such as Paco, Kiwi, Rio, Tookie, Tango, Beau and Coco, according to Bird Channel. Top Amazon parrot names include Moe, Buddy, Baby, Charlie, Max and Morgan. Top macaw names are Harley, Mac, Skittles, Phoenix, Rainbow, Genie and Babie.

According to Boogie Pets, gender-neutral names for exotic birds include Aries, Cirrus, Marzipan, Nova Sarafina, Thyme, Utopia and Zodiac. For those who want male names, Astro, Barclay, Casanova, Churchill, Diego, Legolas, Moraq, Pele and Pepe are appropriate. Exotic girl names include Attila, Broxa, Chutney, Cleopatra, Fifi, Griselda, Zara and Zia. Mythological names, such as Firebird, Phoenix, Sphinx and Thunderbird, are excellent options for exotic birds. Uncommon mythological bird names include Garuda, Griffin, Habrol, Samjoko, Harpies, Sampatti, Ziz, Jatayu and Bennu.

Some people choose to name their birds according to their coloration. For birds with blue or gold coloring, Azure, Amethyst, Lemon, Mango, Bluebell, Bluey, Sunny, Goldy and Gold Finger are possibilities. Red or green birds can be called Big Red, Scarlett, Ruby, Cayenne, Cherry, Verde, Bling or Christmas. African grey parrots and other gray-toned birds can be called Ashes, Coal, Greymouse, Greystone, Pearl, Shadow, Silver, Steel, Thunder, Ghost, Mercury, Twilight, Smokey or Stormy. Jewel, Tutti, Neon and Blaze are names that generally highlight coloration.