What Are Some Examples of Scruffy Dog Breeds?

Randy Robertson/CC-BY-2.0

Scruffy dog breeds include the cesky terrier, the affenpinscher, the border terrier, the Brussels griffon and the cairn terrier. The breeds are scruffy in the sense that they look untidy or messy, often with hair falling over their eyes.

The cesky terrier has a long body, short legs and a rough coat. The dog is known for its suspicion of strangers and its calm nature around its own family. These little terriers sometimes are dominant over dogs of different breeds, but they mostly get along with both cats and other dogs.

The affenpinscher has a wiry, thick coat and wisps or hair falling over its face. The affenpinscher was bred to control mice and performs very well in agility competitions.

The border terrier is a small dog with a wiry, coarse coat. Bred to dispense with foxes, the dog is highly alert and needs lots of exercise.

The playful Brussels griffon has shaggy whiskers and a mischievous disposition, though it is prone to weight gain. The dog is highly sociable and enjoys children and other pets.

The highly active cairn terrier is inquisitive, energetic and growls to alert its family of any nearby strangers. The ancestors of this little terrier were bred for personality traits, such as courage and tenacity, which they used to corner foxes and otters in the Scottish Highlands.