Do Earthworms Have Brains?

Earthworms have brains. These brains are connected to the nerves in the skin and the muscles, allowing them to feel, move and function properly.

While an earthworm has a brain, it is somewhat different from a human brain because it only controls the way that the insect feels and moves. A human brain is responsible for much more than that. Due to the size of the worm, its brain is much smaller than the brains of humans or other animals. It is located toward the middle of the body next to the majority of its important organs.

There are many important differences between earthworms and other animals on the planet. Worms do not have eyes, but they are able to sense light, which allows them to move in the correct direction. Worms do not have lungs, but they do breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out like other animals. However, they breathe through their skin. Earthworms also differ in their hearts. They have five hearts that all beat in rhythm and help control their circulatory system. Their hearts are very small because of their small body size, and they do not need to deliver as much blood through different areas unlike in humans.