What Is an Eagle's Nest Called?


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An eagle's nest is called an eyrie. Eagles normally build eyries high up on cliffs or in tall trees. The inaccessibility of the eyrie protects the small clutch of eggs.

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What Is an Eagle's Nest Called?
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Though there are exceptions, most eagles remain monogamous for life. Once they have found a nesting site, they return to it year after year. Because they repair and build upon their eyries each year, over time, some of them grow to massive sizes. The American Eagle Foundation reports that some bald eagle eyries weigh 2 to 3 tons. Eagles build them with large sticks and then line the inside with soft materials. To protect the eaglets from falling out, bald eagle nests are 2 to 3 feet deep. Nevertheless, every year, many juvenile eagles die by falling from their eyries. Eagles build their eyries up to 200 feet in the air. If humans disturb the area, eagles tend to abandon the eyries and leave the chicks to starve to death.

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