What Do Doves Look Like?


Doves and pigeons are birds belonging to the clade Columbidae, a group characterized by their plump bodies, short necks, round heads and compact, slender bills. Plumage and size vary greatly by species; the largest member of this clade can weigh 9 pounds while the smallest weighs less than 30 grams.

Columbidae has worldwide distribution except for only the most extreme environments, such as the driest deserts or Antarctica. Pigeons and doves mostly eat seeds and fruit, with some species preferring one over the other. A small number of species have carnivorous diets that are composed of invertebrates or even small reptiles. Pigeons and doves are known for displaying life-long monogamy, and they mate in the spring and summer. A female dove usually lays up to two eggs in a nest constructed of feathers and twigs.