What Dosage of Pepcid Can a 10 Pound Dog Have?

The general dosage of Pepcid for dogs is 0.22 to 0.44 milligrams per pound, according to 1800PetMeds.com. The medication can be given every 12-24 hours.

Pepcid or famotidine is a medication used to heal and prevent ulcers. It blocks the receptors that form stomach acid. This medication is not an FDA-approved medication for animals, but many veterinarians will advise its use. A 10 pound dog can have 2.2 to 4.4 milligrams of Pepcid every 12-24 hours depending on the severity of its condition. This medication should not be used if the dog has any health issues related to the heart, liver or kidneys. Consult a vet if any side effects occur.