Why Do Dogs Follow You Around the House?

Javier Pierini/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Pets Adviser explains that a dog follows its owner around the house because it is hard-wired to live in a social group as a pack animal. The dog is doing what comes naturally by following the leader of the pack.

Although it’s natural and normal for a dog to follow its owner, particularly when the owner first arrives home from work or school, dogs that are too clingy could be suffering from insecurity or separation anxiety issues. Dogs often become clingy when they feel their packs are unstable. The owner can find ways to reassure the pet that it belongs to a strong, stable pack with strong leadership. To do that, the owner must be the strong leader.

An owner can allow her pup a few minutes of gleeful greeting and following her after she arrives home, but after that, she should make it clear that the dog should not cling to her for the rest of the night. She might give the dog a favorite toy to play with or bone to chew to provide the distraction the dog needs to stop focusing solely on the owner. Pets Adviser also recommends that it’s helpful for the owner to ensure that the dog gets enough exercise. Clingy, obsessive behavior could indicate that the dog has excess energy it needs to work off.