What Do Dingos Eat?

Dingoes feed mostly on wallabies and kangaroo, although they sometimes also eat rabbits, rats, birds, lizards and other small animals. Though the majority of their diet consists of meat, dingoes are omnivores, and they eat small portions of fruits and plants.

The dingo is a dog-like mammal found in Australia and Southeast Asia. Dingoes are typically golden or reddish brown in color, though some dingoes are black or white, with a medium coat, pricked ears and bushy tails. Their average weight is between 22 and 33 pounds, and they’re typically 3.5 to 5 feet long. Although dingoes can howl, they cannot bark like dogs. They are most active at dawn and dusk because that is when their prey are easiest to catch.

Dingoes may hunt alone or in packs. Although they are frequently blamed for livestock attacks, feral dog-dingo hybrids seem to be responsible for most of these attacks. Some dingoes living near human settlements scavenge through trash looking for food scraps left behind by humans. For this reason, they are often regarded as pests in Australia, and the country constructed a special fence to keep them out of a portion of the country in which farming and sheep herding is common.