What Are the Different Types of Labrador Retrievers?

Sharon Montrose/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The two main types of Labrador retrievers are the American Labrador and English Labrador. They vary slightly in their appearance and body type, with American Labradors being taller, while English Labradors are thicker and heavier.

The most common colors for both types of Labradors are yellow, brown and black, with some having silver, white or gray markings. Aside from the differences in body types, both American and English Labradors have similar features. They both have wide muzzles, level or scissor teeth and a tail that is slightly longer than the body. They also have a hard, short coat that is easy to manage. Eyes of both Labradors are brown or hazel. English and American Labradors are affectionate, intelligent, patient and loyal. They are easy to train, get along well with humans and other animals, and love to play.