What is the difference between the Dover sole fish and the lemon sole fish?


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The difference between the Dover sole fish and the lemon sole fish is that lemon soles have rounder bodies and lighter coloration on their dark side (the side without the eyes). Both soles have clean-tasting, slightly sweet flesh and are very popular in a range of seafood dishes, according to the Fine Seafood Company. They are interchangeable in most recipes.

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The Fine Seafood Company explains that in addition to its delicious flavor, Dover sole has firm flesh that tastes best one to two days after processing. This is a boon for restaurants and home cooks because other sole fish begin deteriorating immediately and do not keep well.

The most popular preparation of both lemon and Dover sole is "sole a la Meunière," in which an entire skinned sole is dredged in flour, pan fried and served with lemon wedges. Soles that are too large for a single person yield two medium fillets. Many of the most popular recipes for sole fillets call for wrapping each fillet around a filling and securing it with toothpicks. Each steamed or baked "package" makes one serving.

The Harbor Fish Market recommends pairing Dover and lemon soles with mild white wines and creamy wine sauces. These enhance the delicately flavored fish without overpowering it.

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