Do deer eat tomatoes?


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Deer eat tomatoes as well as a variety of other crops, according to Buck Masters. Deer can be a problem for many tomato growers. However, there are several ways to prevent deer from eating tomato crops.

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One way tomato growers prevent deer from consuming their tomato crops is by placing strong-smelling deterrents around the crops, according to the Home Guides on SFGate. Deer do not enjoy scents such as pepper spray or soap. Another way gardeners can deter deer from crops is by placing human hair clippings around the crops. However, scent deterrents need to be changed frequently to ensure the deer do not grow accustomed to the scent. Another way to deter deer from tomato plants is by building adequate fencing around crops. Typically, fences must be at least 9 feet tall to keep deer out.

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