What Are Some Cute Parakeet Names?

Wild Horse Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Some cute names for a parakeet include Moe, Kiwi, Paco and Rio. Ruby, Harley and Smokey are also popular parrot names. Some pet owners like the names Tiki, Sunny, Tweety and Mango.

Some cute parakeet names are inspired by celebrity pet names. Former United States President John F. Kennedy is known for his pet birds Marybelle and Bluebelle, and former President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot, named Pol, is notoriously known for squawking inappropriate language at the politician’s funeral.

The name of Stephen Spielberg’s Panama Amazon parrot is Blanche, and Hillary Swank’s African Grey parrot is called Seuss. Elizabeth Hurley calls her Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot Ping-Pong. Although George Washington disliked the bird, Polly the parrot was his wife Matha’s pet. Other famous parrot owners include Elizabeth Taylor, Aristotle, Queen Isabella, Marie Antoinette and Angelina Jolie.

The term parakeet refers to any small to medium-sized species of parrot with a long tail. Their average lifespan is between five and nine years. Parakeets are considered playful pets that require less care than many other species of birds, rendering the parrots ideal pets for beginner bird owners. Although the scientific name for the parakeet is Melopstittacus undulatus, the birds are also known as budgies or budgerigar.