What are some cute names for a girl puppy?


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Cute names for girl puppies, listed alphabetically, include Annie, Amber, Abby, Buzzy, Buffy, Bessie, Baby, Coco, Cookie, Chloe, Daisy, Emma, Fanny, Fluffy, Holly, Iris, Jelly Bean, Katie, Lily, Maggie, Nellie, Patsy, Polly, Rosie, Sassy, Tasha, Tulip, Wiggles and Zoe. Most "cute" names are floral names, such as Sweet Pea and Daisy, food names such as Cookie or Jelly Bean or names ending in "-ee" like Maggie, Patsy or Polly.

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What are some cute names for a girl puppy?
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Other cute names for girl puppies are associated with certain themes such as wealth, gambling or cars. For example, names related to wealth might include such monikers such as Blingy, Cashmere, Caviar, Chalet, Crystal, Elegance, Emerald, Fortune, Gem, Garnet, Mercedes, Ruby or Sapphire. Someone who enjoys visiting casinos might want to check out such names as Nevada, Sahara, Paris or Stardust.

Dog owners also name their girl dogs cute names based on the names of cars. For instance, popular names include such favorites as Accent, Alpina, Audi, Cayenne, Dakota, Charade, Jazz, Jetta, Kangoo, Mini, Karmen, Lexus or Zephyr.

To choose a cute name, make a variety of themed lists including such classifications as flowers, birds, colors, gemstones and brand names. When a new puppy responds well to a particular name, that could be the right name for that dog.

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