How Do Crickets Reproduce?


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Crickets are insects that reproduce by mating and laying eggs. The female cricket carries and deposits the eggs, but she must mate with a male cricket to have her eggs fertilized before she deposits them.

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The process of reproduction for crickets begins with some very cricketlike seduction. The male cricket will "court" the female by creating the classic cricket chirping sounds with his wings. Crickets actually chirp differently at different times, and courtship chirping is a different act than other types of chirping communication. Male crickets typically court a specific female, hoping to entice her to climb on his back to allow the actual mating process to begin. Once the female has climbed on his back, the male will transfer a sperm packet to the female to fertilize the eggs. Once this is done, the female will deposit her eggs in damp sandy soil and leave them to hatch.

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