What Are Some Cool Puppy Names?

Rebecca Nelson/Moment/Getty Images

Popular female puppy names include: Stella, Bailey, Coco, Bella, Sophie, Pandora and Sadie. Cool names include: Pepsi, Zailey, Kiki, Gracie, Lady, Greta, Liesel, Lucy and Kate. Other names include: Birdie, Ellie, Talia and Emma, according to Pet MD. Popular male puppy names include: Gus, Trapper, Finn, Cooper, Boomer and Hawkeye. Tough names include: Ace, Butch, Axel, Gunner, Diesel, Delgado and Max. Cool names include AJ, Maximus, Rocky and Jake.

It is important to pick a name for a puppy that is well-liked by the whole family, notes Pet MD. One or two-syllable words are easiest for dogs to understand. Longer names can confuse dogs, and they may not respond when they are called.

It is acceptable to try a name for a week to see how a puppy responds. If the name does not seem to elicit a reaction, it is fine to change it while the puppy is still young without confusing it. Pet MD warns against choosing a name that sounds like a common command that the dog hears frequently. Names that rhyme with sit, stay, no, bad or fetch make it difficult for a dog to understand the owner’s intentions. It is also advisable to pick a name that is unique from other popular dog names to avoid confusion among dogs who share the same name.