What Are Cool Girl Dog Names?

Dean Wissing/CC-BY-2.0

When searching for names for a female dog, it is best to consider the personality, size and breed of the dog. If it is a high energy dog, a spunkier name may fit it better. However, if the dog is laid back, something simple and low key may work well.

There are thousands of names for female dogs. Dogs can be named something unique, cute or similar to names given to humans.

If the dog is hyperactive, names like Gidget, Wiggles or Sassafrass may be a good match. If the dog is laid back and low key, names like Honey, Luna or Mabel might fit. For dogs that are treated like royalty, names such as Princess, Sophia, Ruby or Pearl are great.

For female hunting dogs, names that sound more androgynous such as Sam (short for Samantha), Bailey, or Riley fit well. Freckles and Dot both work well for dogs that are spotted, and Fuzzy works well for dogs with long or shaggy coats.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what the dog’s name is as long as the owner is pleased with it. As long as the dog is loved and cared for, it doesn’t care what its name is.