What Are Common Spiders Found in Idaho?

Common spiders found in Idaho include grass spiders, cross orbweavers, banded garden spiders and ant mimic spiders. Additionally, woodlouse hunter spiders, hobo spiders and Carolina wolf spiders are often found in the state.

Comprised of 13 species, grass spiders are prevalent throughout the United States and Canada. They belong to the funnel weaver family Agelenidae and are known for their dense, slick webs, which usually feature a funnel where the spider hides. Cross orbweavers spin a more common wheel-patterned web and are typically found sitting in the center of it. They were introduced to America from Europe and are named for the white spots that form a cross on their abdomen.

Usually found in fields and gardens, banded garden spiders are silver with yellow and black bands on their legs. Their webs are also more classic, with a circle-like shape, but commonly have a zig-zag line of silk running through the middle. Hobo spiders, known for webs that are shaped like funnels, are normally field spiders in Europe but are often found in more urban places in America.

Carolina wolf spiders, known for their above-average body length, are the largest wolf spiders in North America. They retreat during the day but are hunters at night.