What Are Some Common Spider Species in New Jersey?

Species of spiders common to New Jersey include the common house spider, grass spider, hackelmesh weaver, cross orbweaver and the black and yellow garden spider. Others include the banded garden spider, ant mimic spider, longlegged sac spider, dark fishing spider and six-spotted fishing spider.

The common house spider is found all over the world and is often confused as a brown widow due to its color and body shape. Grass spiders are commonly found inside homes, in particular during spring. The hacklemesh weaver is also commonly found in homes, in addition to outside hiding under leaves and rocks. The black and yellow garden spider is normally found outside in gardens. Females stand out with their large bodies marked with a yellow and black pattern.

Banded garden spiders are also found outside in garden areas during late summer and fall. The females of this species have a yellow and black pattern covering their bodies and legs. The longlegged sac spider is often found inside homes, crawling on walls and across ceilings. They are very common throughout North America, though they originated in southern Europe. The dark fishing spider is normally found outside crawling on trees, fences, or the exterior of buildings. The ant mimic spider often remains hidden under rocks or in leaf piles.