What Is the Colby Pitbull Bloodline?

The Colby pit bull bloodline began in 1889. John P. Colby began breeding American Pit Bull Terriers via a strain that he imported to the United States from England and Ireland. The Colby line is still favored and respected worldwide. It is known to be one of the best strains in conformation, temperament and gameness. Colby pit bulls are universally recognized as meeting very high standards.

Currently, there are 20 generations of Colby dogs, and the Colby family continues to breed pit bulls in their hometown of Newburyport, Mass. According to Colby Dogs, a 20-generation pedigree has 2,097,152 ancestors.

The very first dog bred by the Colbys was a male named Cockney Charlie Lloyd’s Imported Pilot, born in 1881. Small’s Billy and Darby’s Kit were the sire and dam, respectively. Both of the parents were bred in their home country of England.

Today, Colby dogs are given basic names such as Colby’s Sara and Colby’s Logan. The Colby name is enough to indicate the quality to potential clients. Due to the fact that its litters are in such high demand, the Colby family doesn’t breed dogs constantly; the last Colby puppy sold was born in 2000. Very occasionally, puppies and older dogs are sold.