What Are Characteristics of a Wire-Haired Terrier Mix?

Wire Fox Terriers are known for having fearless attitudes and friendly demeanors, and they have an average lifespan of 15 years. This dog has English origins and is distinguished by its long face and perky ears. It has a height between 11 and 14 inches.

One of the benefits of choosing the Wire Fox Terrier, also known as the Wire-haired Terrier, is that the dog is hypoallergenic. The breed is also known to have a bold and alert temperament, making for an ideal small guard dog. This breed requires nearly constant attention and is very high energy.

The Wire Fox Terrier was reared to hunt foxes, badgers and boars, and it carries ingrained and instinctive prey habits, which can be difficult to redirect.

Often sought after for its playful, friendly and active personality type, the Wire-haired Terrier makes an excellent companion animal and is good with children. The American Kennel Club traces the dog back to 17th century Britain.

Queen Victoria is said to have owned this breed of dog. The breed rose in popularity as a household pet beginning in the 1930s. The popularity of the Wire-haired Terrier dwindled throughout the 20th century, coinciding with an increase in urban dwelling.