What Are the Characteristics of a Shar-Pei/shepherd Mix?

The characteristics of mixed-breed dogs are often unpredictable, as they can inherit a wide variety of possible traits from their parent breeds. Both the German shepherd and the shar-pei are large dogs with dark, almond-shaped eyes and scissor bites, indicating that it is likely for their offspring to inherit these features. In addition, both breeds are described as intelligent, brave and calm.

The shar-pei and the German shepherd are also easily trainable breeds and make excellent work dogs. The protective personality of both the German shepherd and the shar-pei makes them ideal watch or guard dogs.

The shar-pei is known for its musculature and loose, heavily wrinkled skin. It is a breed possibly over 2,000 years old and was used in China for herding, hunting and even fighting, as its loose skin made it difficult for other dogs to grab it by the teeth. The wrinkles of the shar-pei, along with its black mouth, made it popular in Chinese folklore for its perceived ability to ward off evil spirits. The population of shar-peis drastically fell during the Chinese Communist Revolution. In the 1970s, the shar-pei was saved from extinction in part due to a Hong Kong businessman named Matgo Law, who revitalized the breed by amassing a number of individuals and breeding them. The resulting increase in numbers also introduced a worldwide boost in popularity for the dog.