What Are the Characteristics of the Chester White Pig?

The Cherokee Animal Clinic lists the characteristics of the Chester White pig being solid white hides and droopy ears. Utah Pork Producers goes on to explain that other characteristics of these animals is a high conception rate, large litters and no stress gene.

One important characteristic of the Chester White pig is that it does not carry the stress gene or halothane gene. This means that they will not die when put under general anesthesia. These pigs are shown to be very fertile. They have a 12 percent higher conception rate than other top-ranked breeds, as well as bigger litters. As far as meat quality is concerned, they are also one of the best pork producers in the country. This breed is not only durable and used in other cross-breeding programs, but they grow at a fast rate, gaining as much as one pound a day for every three pounds of food. However, these pigs need to have access to shade or shelters because their light pigment makes them likely to burn.

The Chester White breed of pigs was created in the 1800s in Pennsylvania by breading white pigs with a white boar from Bedfordshire, England. The record associations for the breed were consolidated into one body in the late 1800s in order to better promote and develop it.