What Are Characteristics of a Border Collie and Pointer Mix?

A cross between a border collie and pointer could have any combination of the traits that each breed exhibits. The only way to understand a particular dog’s personality is to investigate characteristics of each breed and then to observe which traits seem to be present in a specific dog. Both breeds possess high energy levels and above-average intelligence.

The border collie has been bred for 100 years as a working dog and owners prize the breed for its intelligence, work ethic and strong instincts. The breed is extremely active and finds an outlet for its herding instinct by attempting to corral young children or objects such as cars if no livestock is available. They appreciate having work to do and need opportunities to run. Border collies are loyal and affectionate with their families but tend to withdraw around strangers. They do best with mature, well-behaved children.

The pointer has been bred as a hunting dog since 1650 and is notorious for its stamina and courage. The pointer has a calm temperament and common sense but requires plenty of physical and mental exercise. The pointer is a good choice for runners or families with active children. His short coat makes him easy to bathe and maintain.