What Causes House Flies?

Kathleen Franklin/CC-BY 2.0

House flies come indoors to lay their eggs whenever a suitable breeding ground is available. The flies may be attracted to garbage bins, pet food or water sources indoors.

Damp material is an ideal breeding ground for house flies. Flies may lay their eggs in houseplants, particularly when the container has slightly moist soil and decaying plant matter. House flies are also attracted to decaying food and manure. For instance, covering the trash with a lid and freezing food scraps until garbage pickup can help eliminate a significant number of house flies.

Remove bowls of pet food and water after the animal has finished feeding to prevent attracting house flies. Make sure to use screens on all windows and doors during the warmer months of the year. Replace missing or damaged weather stripping along windows and doors to seal the home and prevent flies and other pests from entering.

Lawn clippings and compost are also attractive to house flies. House flies are most active during the summer, requiring homeowners to remove grass clippings immediately after mowing to prevent an infestation. Cover compost bins with a tight lid, and avoid using organic fertilizers on lawns if house flies become problematic. Gardens or fruit trees that are left untended may attract houseflies. Remove ripened fruits and vegetables as soon as possible to prevent house fly infestations during the summer.