What Causes a Cat’s Eye to Leak and Bleed?

There are several reasons why a cat’s eyes might leak and bleed, such as hemorrhage, cancer, allergies or inflammation, according to WebMD. These ailments range from mild to severe and need to be watched carefully in case the bleeding and discharge are symptoms of a more serious problem, such as cancer.

According to PetPlace, a cat’s eyes might bleed due to retinal hemorrhage. This is a sign of a much more serious condition, such as circulatory disorders, blood clotting abnormalities, tumors, trauma, choking and infections. If the bleeding stems from blood clotting problems, the cat often has other bruises or bleeding. Regardless, owners who recognize this condition need to take their cats to a vet right away.

Respiratory problems also cause a cat’s eyes to leak. Some of these problems are quite mild and caused by viruses, bacteria or protozoa, notes WebMD. However, if the discharge turns to the consistency of pus, a vet needs to be notified. Pink eye also causes eye leakage, and it is characterized by a clear, thick discharge and swollen eyes. Dry eye, another problem, occurs because tears are not produced for whatever reason. If left untreated, it can cause blindness. A cat’s eyes might also leak due to allergies.