What Do Cats Look Like?

yamamoto yousuke/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Cats have very large eyes with big pupils that help them see in the dark, as well as paws with claws, furry bodies with tails, whiskers on their face and ears that point straight out from their head. Cats are small in size, with anatomical features like other cat-like creatures, but they are also widely varied depending on their breed.

The various breeds of cats, all with their own unique features and personality traits, are numerous. Cats can have furs in a wide variety of colors, and their facial features can vary based on their breed as well. The breed of cat can also affect its personality traits. Some cat breeds are known to be very human friendly while other cat breeds are known to be more solitary animals that prefer independence and to be left alone.

Cats have other anatomical features typical to cat creatures like tails. They are quadrupedal, meaning that they walk on four limbs. This is unlike humans that are bipedal, meaning that they walk on two legs. Cats are typically furry, but some cats have no fur at all. They have sharp teeth and claws as well as tongues designed to help them clean their own fur. Cats are typically small, especially when they are in their immature stage. Referred to as “kittens” young cats can be extremely small and vulnerable.