Why Are My Cats Eyes Watering?

Cats’ eyes water due to eye irritation, tear drainage issues or an eye disorder. Scarring from cat fights, flat and short facial shapes and blockage from the presence of grass, secretions or dirt are other causes of watery cats’ eyes. When the water is thick or sticky with discharge, an upper respiratory system infection is likely to blame, particularly when accompanied by a runny nose.

To determine the cause of watering, a veterinarian places fluorescein dye in the cat’s eyes. When the dye travels to the cat’s nostril cleanly, no blockage is present. When dye fails to appear in a nostril, that nostril is the side with blockage. Blockages are treated with a flushing technique that helps rid the passage of the contaminant.

The solution to watery eyes for cats can be as simple as trimming the hair around the cat’s face, which is the appropriate solution when long hair is causing eye irritation. Most feline eye watering issues due to infection can be cleared up with a dose of broad-spectrum animal antibiotics. When an infection is present, the antibiotics are normally prescribed for three weeks. Pregnant cats and kittens should not be given medication without the approval of a veterinarian.