How Do You Catch a Groundhog?

Ron Erwin/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

The best way to catch a groundhog is to use a live capture trap by mounting it over the groundhog’s home hole or placing it near the hole, and then adding the bait inside. When the groundhog goes into the trap to get the bait, the door will close and he or she will be trapped inside.

Some people become so upset with the destruction that groundhogs have caused in their yards that they wish to kill the groundhogs and use a lethal body-trap. The problem with this trap is that it is illegal in most states and it is lethal to other animals, as well. There will be legal problems if the trap happens to kill the neighbor’s cat and it can be devastating to lose a family pet to a lethal trap meant for a groundhog.

The no-kill groundhog traps are easy to use and make relocating the groundhog to a better home environment a simple process. For questions about where to relocate the groundhog, the local wildlife animal facility can be contacted. The best time to find the groundhogs’ burrows are in the early spring or the late winter because the absence of plant life will make them easier to find.