How Do You Take Care of a Baby Mole?

A baby mole should be brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center so that professionals can take care of it. Moles are supposed to spend 30 to 36 days with their mothers before they find their own territory to live in, so it is difficult for someone to try to replicate what happens during that time.

Professionals at wildlife rehabilitation centers have the proper nutrients and socialization practices that can help the baby mole grow up properly. Young moles that live above ground can fall prey to coyotes and owls.

The mole has found itself in trouble with humans because of its mole hills that it builds. Moles do promote positive soil growth, but they may also dig up plants when creating their mole hills, removing roots, bulbs and tubers. Moles can aerate and mix soil layers, which improves drainage to the area, so humans who can live with the molehills will find that their soil benefits. Additionally, grown moles feed on crane flies and other insect larvae that can damage plant roots. Young moles are fed by their mothers.

Moles live a quiet life and are not often seen by humans because they stay underground in their burrow systems. They have broad shoulders and forelimbs that help them to power through the soil and build their underground world.