What Is Candle Wax Made From?

Smabs Sputzer/CC-BY 2.0

Throughout history, candle wax has been made from several different materials, but most modern forms are made from beeswax, paraffin, vegetable wax and gels. The earliest known candles are from ancient Egyptian and Greek culture and were made from tallow extracted from sheep and cows.

Today’s candles feature a variety of pleasant scents used for aromatherapy and for making homes more fragrant. However, the earliest candles had putrid smells because they were made from animal materials.

During the colonial period in America, early settlers figured out how to use berries to create pleasant-smelling candles. In the 18th century, candles made from whale materials became popular because they kept their shape through the hot seasons. One of the most useful inventions of the 19th century was a candle-making machine that allowed people of all classes the chance to afford well-made durable candles in their homes.