How Can Someone Train Their Pit Bull to Be Less Aggressive?

Roy Montgomery/CC-BY-2.0

Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive but, in fact, aggression is an individual trait that isn’t always determined by genetics and pit bulls can be trained, like any dog, to not be aggressive towards people or other dogs. Some pit bulls are very aggressive because they came from neglected or abusive environments.

However, there are many pit bulls that have come from these kinds of environments and are actually quite friendly and timid. Another thing that goes contrary to popular belief is the idea that pit bulls who have been trained to fight other dogs are naturally very aggressive towards people. These types of dogs are actually less likely to be aggressive towards people because they have been trained by human beings.

People that own pit bulls should never try to train them to be more aggressive as this can lead to dangerous consequences and can be interpreted as animal abuse. Some dogs are aggressive by their nature, and this can’t always be explained by their breed or their background. Dog owners are advised to learn their dog’s personality traits before they bring them into situations where they will be in contact with other people and other dogs. Pit bulls, like all other dogs, can be trained to abstain from bad, aggressive behavior, but dog owners should also understand that these behavioral problems can’t be fixed, they can only be prevented. Because of this, dog owners should have a system for how they train and take care of their dogs.