Where Can You Rent a Monkey?

There are various regional companies that allow clients to rent monkeys for parties and gatherings, such as Animal Rentals in Chicago, Illinois and Pirates for Parties in Southern California. A website called Gig Masters allows users to search for animal rental companies by location.

Animal Rentals in Chicago has a monkey named Mindy that is available for rental for birthday parties and gatherings around the area, but she also does tours across the country in which she could be available for side projects in any area that she is doing a show. In order to rent Mindy the Monkey, go to the Animal Rentals website and click on the “Book Mindy” link under the “Mindy the Monkey” heading and fill out all required information.

Pirates for Parties allows hires of small monkeys as well as larger chimpanzees for entertainment. The monkeys come with a trainer who knows how to work with the animal, and the monkeys are often dressed up in pirate attire.

Gig Masters has a database of other animal rental companies that could include monkey rentals. Go to the Gig Masters website and enter “Animal for a Party” under the “I’m Looking For” section, then enter a location to search for animal rental companies that service that location.