Where Can You Find Newborn Calves for Sale?

brandonhirtphoto/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Reynolds Livestock has holstein dairy calves, beef stock calves and crossbreeds available for purchase year round. The calves are between four days and two weeks old, and customers can hand pick calves from the calf barn or have them selected and delivered upon approval.

All calves are individually priced, and Reynolds Livestock offers a complete vaccination program. In addition to a wide selection of new born calves, Reynolds offers six week old calves that are ready to wean and already have their vaccinations and castration. They also offer eight to 10 week old calves that are already weaned with all vaccinations and castration.

Aside from selling the calves themselves, Reynolds Livestock offers a number of other items a person raising baby calves may need. These include calf blankets that act like a sweater for baby calves when it’s cold outside, calf huts for living in and 50-pound milk bags.

Very young holstein bulls and heifers are available starting at $320, while some of the larger and slightly older calves cost as much as $600. Reynolds Livestock is located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin but is willing to ship calves to any of the 50 states. The company offers discounts on large orders.