How Can I Keep Hawks Away From My Yard?

To keep hawks away from your yard, offer protected nesting and feeding spaces for desired birds which hawks prey upon, such as songbirds. Repel pests that serve as the hawk’s source of food; these include field mice and squirrels.

  1. Install protective bird feeders

    Because hawks prey on small songbirds, protecting their food source as they eat prevents attacks when they are most vulnerable. Install bird feeders with cages around the perch or add cages around your existing bird feeders.

  2. Provide shelter for songbirds

    Larges bushes in the landscape offer protection as a place to hide for smaller birds. Songbirds may also take shelter in dense trees or brush piles, so provide plenty of places around your yard where birds can perch, rest and build nests unseen by hawks.

  3. Repel hawk food sources

    Hawks are attracted by an ample supply of food. Remove food sources for hawks, like rodents and large insects, by eliminating the food source of the pests. Pet food and bird seed are attractive food sources for pests, so make sure everything is stored properly in a sealed container. Compost bins can also serve as a food source for pets, so keep kitchen scraps and yard waste in an enclosed bin.