How Can You Adopt a Teacup Maltese Puppy for Free?

Find a teacup Maltese puppy to adopt for free by inquiring at Maltese rescue organizations, even though these organizations usually have older dogs for adoption and typically charge low fees for adoption. A puppy may possibly be located at a local animal shelter, where the cost of adoption is lower.

One of the biggest hurdles to finding a teacup Maltese puppy for free or even for a low adoption cost is unscrupulous dog breeders who prey on uninformed pet lovers. Breeders may foist off runts or dogs in poor health to unsuspecting people who are looking for a free or cheap dog. Prospective buyers should beware and be knowledgeable about the characteristics of the true purebred teacup Maltese as opposed to a Maltese that is not a toy or is a mixed breed.

Teacup Maltese are very popular purebred dogs and the tiniest ones can fetch prices of in the tens of thousands of dollars during peak gift-giving seasons. These are cheerful, affectionate and companionable

dogs that can be easily taken along on car trips and in airplanes. Another reason for their popularity is that these baby-faced dogs have a soft, silky coat, and they do not shed as much as most other dogs.

People who are allergic to dog hair may be able to comfortably keep a Maltese as a pet.