What Do You Call a Whippet and Chihuahua Mix?

A whippet mixed with a Chihuahua is sometimes called a chippet. However, this term does not appear to be in common use as of 2014.

A mixed-breed dog can inherit any combination of the characteristics of its two parent breeds. The whippet is a medium-sized sighthound that matures at around 25 to 45 pounds. It ranks among the fastest dogs in the world, and is often raced for sport over short distances. Whippets are calm, docile and possess a strong prey drive. Chihuahuas are small dogs that weigh between 2 and 6 pounds when fully grown. Despite their small size, they tend to be bold and strong-willed. Both whippets and Chihuahuas have short hair and exhibit a wide variety of colors.