How to Build a Hummingbird Birdhouse?

A hummingbird birdhouse can be constructed by placing a Y-shaped base, such as a forked branch from a bush or tree, in a high location and providing soft materials for the female hummingbird to begin making a nest with. As a rule, hummingbirds do not like using traditional birdhouses due to the confined environment, and are extremely particular about the location of their nest.

Despite the fact that hummingbirds prefer to choose their own sites to build nests, they will settle in a handmade hummingbird birdhouse if it is made and placed correctly. Rather than a house, it is actually a platform for building a nest on and is easy to make using the following steps:

  1. Find the platform
  2. The platform needs to resemble a branch from a tree, whether it is a real branch or a Y-shaped piece of metal or plastic. Ensure that it is long enough to accommodate a small nest and act as a perch with enough room left to attach it securely to the chosen location.

  3. Add materials for the nest
  4. Hummingbirds make nests from soft materials, such as leaf hairs, moss and spider webs, so place a pile of natural cotton on the platform for the hummingbird to build its nest from.

  5. Fix the birdhouse into place
  6. The birdhouse must be placed in a safe location, away from predators like snakes or ants and sheltered from the wind. An ideal site is to nail it securely into place under the eaves of the house.

To encourage hummingbirds to nest on the platform, it is helpful to place a hummingbird feeder nearby.