What Breeds of Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

Pete Markham/CC-BY-2.0

The dogs that usually exhibit webbing between their toes are breeds that fall under the category of water working dogs. These dogs were specifically bred to become stronger swimmers. Some examples of water working dog breeds are the Labrador retriever and the Newfoundland.

Some dog breeds that also have webbing between their toes are Akitas, Brussels Griffons, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, golden retrievers, field Spaniels, German wire-haired pointers, German short-haired pointers, Irish water spaniels, wire-haired pointing Griffons, Nova Scotia duck-trolling retrievers, Weimaraner, red bone coon dogs, poodles and otter hounds. The webbed feet on water working dogs allows the animals to swim faster and more efficiently.

Newfoundlands are strong water working dog breeds and have excellent swimming abilities. Their size and power give the breed the ability to carry and swim with a fully grown person, and then paddle towards the shore with relative ease. This is the reason Newfoundlands are also trained for service as K-9 lifeguards.

Just like the Newfoundland, Labrador retrievers are also trained as K-9 lifeguards as the breed is also one of the best swimmers among the dog breeds. As a retriever breed, Labs are hunting companions that can sit quietly beside the hunter, waiting for the command to track down and retrieve a wounded or dead bird.