What Breed Is the Dog in the Movie "See Spot Run"?


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The dog who plays Agent 11 in the 2001 movie "See Spot Run" is a bullmastiff. The breed originated in England as a gamekeeper's dog and is a cross between an English mastiff and an Old English bulldog.

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What Breed Is the Dog in the Movie "See Spot Run"?
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Agent 11 in the movie "See Spot Run" exhibited many of the typical characteristics of the bullmastiff breed of dog. Bullmastiffs are smart, loyal, fearless and good-tempered but prone to roaming as a result of ingrained migration instincts. In the movie, Agent 11 is a drug-sniffing FBI superdog who is retired into the witness protection program after becoming the target of an assassination plot. The dog uses his intelligence and lovable nature to find a safe haven and ultimately elude the bad guys. Bullmastiffs were recognized as pure-bred dogs by the English Kennel Club in 1924 and by the American Kennel Club in 1934.

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