What Do Bobcat Screams Sound Like?

altrendo nature/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Bobcat screams are said to sound like a woman screaming. In addition to screaming, bobcats can hiss, growl, snarl, yowl and meow like a cat.

When it comes to protecting its territory or during mating season, bobcats elicit a high-pitched scream. In the woods, this sound can echo and sound more serious than it is.

Bobcats are found throughout the United States. Populations are now spotty due to humans, but they can still find their preferred refuge near forests in scrubby bush areas. The carnivores feature distinctive coloring, including a white belly and distinct spotting that is quite visible on their backs. They also have black lynx ears.

They prey on smaller creatures, like mice and rabbits. However, they may prey on a weak deer in times of great need. Even more infrequent, bobcats may attack a domesticated animal.