What Does a Blobfish Eat?

Álvaro Tajada Portalo/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The blobfish feeds on crustaceans including crabs and lobsters. The fish derives its name because its gelatinous body, ideal for deep-sea pressure, becomes a blob at normal atmospheric pressures.

The blobfish, or Psychrolutes marcidus, is a deep-sea fish that has the unfortunate title of the world’s ugliest animal. The fish lives 4,000 feet deep in the sea off of the coast of Australia, feeding on deep-sea crustaceans. At these depths, the pressure is over a hundred times greater than pressure at sea level. The blobfish’s body has no skeleton and not much muscle. Once a blobfish comes up to the surface, the lack of pressure turns its jelly like body into a shapeless, and rather unattractive, blob.