How Do You Get a Bird Out of a Garage?

The best way to remove a wild bird from a garage is to let the bird fly out on its own. In the United States, many bird species have federal protection, including hummingbirds and migratory songbirds.

Curious birds may enter human structures seeking food or shelter. Once inside the bird can panic and have trouble finding an exit. The best way to remove a bird from a garage is to allow it fly out on its own. Create a single exit for the bird to use and darken the room by turning out lights or closing off windows. Ideally, the bird heads for the light source and exits the building. It is best to leave the building entirely or sit quietly until the bird leaves to avoid causing it further panic and confusion.

If the bird is not leaving on its own, it might be possible to capture it carefully. Wait for the bird to come to rest, gently cup it in both hands and carry it outside. This is likely only possible if the bird is quite tired. If it is a larger species, use a soft cloth or towel for capture. Never use adhesive traps or any other potentially harmful or lethal method to capture a bird. If the bird appears injured, consider taking it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center.