Why Is It Bad Luck to Kill Crickets?

Kimberly Hosey/Moment/Getty Images

In Asian culture, it is considered bad luck to kill crickets because for thousands of years, crickets have been referred to as “watchdogs,” guardians that chirp and make noise when danger approaches. The Native American culture believes that crickets are a sign of good luck, and it is considered disrespectful to mimic their chirping. In Western culture, killing a cricket inside the home is considered bad luck because a chirping cricket symbolizes a future windfall.

Throughout the world, crickets are a symbol of happiness and cheer. The chirping sound that emits from male crickets is their mating call, and it is created when the male rubs its hind legs together. Mythology explains that when one hears the song of a cricket, it is time to celebrate, as the cricket symbolizes a positive turning point in life. In Europe and the Middle East, cricket amulets are extremely popular and are considered a symbol of protection, good luck and harmony.

Crickets live on the ground, and individuals who consider themselves to be psychic believe that this is a reminder to human beings to remain grounded in everyday life. A long-held belief is that crickets protect the home from negative energy and bad spirits.