What Do Baby Lizards Eat?

Diana Haronis dianasphotoart.com/Moment Open/Getty Images

Baby lizards are able to eat the same things that adult lizards eat, so no special diet is required for babies. The diet of a baby lizard is dependent on the diet of its species.

Lizards can be found all over the world, so the diet of a particular species of lizard is dependent on the type of environment it lives in and the food options available to it. While some lizards are carnivorous like the Komodo dragon, others are herbivores like the iguana. Others are omnivores like the bearded dragon. Many lizard species eat flies and crickets, and some eat larger animals, such as snails or spiders. The Komodo dragon has even been known to hunt deer and humans.

Wild lizards also have different and usually more varied diets than pet lizards. Lizard species that are most commonly kept as pets can subsist on a basic diet of crickets and supplements. Others require more substantial or varied diets. For example, iguanas need a variety of leafy green vegetables, and bearded dragons eat mice in addition to leafy greens. The best way to determine how to feed a pet lizard is to research its species and its special diet requirements.