What Is a Baby Lizard Called?

Design Pics/Corey Hochachka/Getty Images

A baby lizard is often referred to as a hatchling — though this term is not exclusive to lizards — and sometimes as a neonate or a juvenile depending on its age. Most animals that hatch from eggs can also be referred to as hatchlings. However, there are some species of lizard that give birth to live offspring; their young are not referred to as hatchlings because they do not emerge from eggs. It is possible that some individual species may have more specific names for their babies. There are about 4,675 species of lizards throughout the world, located on every continent except Antarctica.

Most female lizards lay several eggs that are soft and leathery. However, they generally do not sit on the eggs or otherwise protect them. The hatchlings are independent from the moment they leave the egg and have the ability to take care of themselves. They often look like smaller versions of their parents and look similar to the ancient reptiles from the era of the dinosaurs. Only a few types of lizards, which belong to a group called lepidosaurs, give birth to live young.