What Does a Baby Husky Look Like?

Newborn Huskies have rounded faces, have small ears and are born blind. Official information regarding the appearance of Husky puppies is scarce, but images of the breed show that the puppies’ predominant coloring appears to be visible from birth. Huskies are usually a blend of white with tan, black, gray or brown. These colors are visible from a very young age and become more pronounced as the dogs reach adulthood.

Huskies’ eyes can be brown, blue or a combination of both colors. The breed is known to shed excessively, especially during the spring and fall months. They have double coats with medium-length hair; the top coat is straight, while the undercoat is soft and dense. According to DogTime, Huskies living in colder climates are less likely to shed as heavily as Huskies that live in warmer climates. Regular brushing helps to keep shedding to a minimum.

Huskies are generally very clean dogs and groom themselves often, similarly to cats. They do not need to be bathed as frequently as other dogs unless they catch themselves in a messy situation, like walking through mud or swimming in dirty water. DogTime also states that Huskies rarely emit the recognizable dog odor that is typical of other breeds.