What Is a Baby Goat Called?

baby-goat-called Credit: Øyvind Tufto/Moment Open/Getty Images

According to Goat World, a baby goat is called a kid. A kid is considered any baby goat under 6 months of age. The term is used for both male and female goats. Billy is also a name used for a male goat.

Female goats over the age of 6 months are generally called doelings, and are female goats that have not reached maturity. Male goats over the age of 6 months are called bucklings, which are simply immature male goats. Once a female goat has reached maturity, she is called a doe. A mature male goat is called a buck. When a male goat is castrated, he is called a wether.

A group of goats is referred to as a trip, herd or tribe. Goats are related to sheep and were domesticated about 10,000 years ago in Iran. Goats are herbivores and eat grass, leaves and herbs. Goats don't swallow their food much when eating; instead, they regurgitate their food. This regurgitation is called cud. Goats chew the cud thoroughly before swallowing their food for the final time. Goats are bred for milk, meat and wool.

Another animal whose young is called a kid is the roe deer, a European and Asian species of deer. A number of baby animals are called calves, including the young of antelope, cattle, elk, buffalo, camel, elephant, giraffe and whales.

Caribou and deer have fawns, and zebras have foals. Cougars and small cats have kittens, and dogs and coyotes have puppies. A baby wolf is called a whelp, pup or cub. The kangaroo, wallaby and possum give birth to joeys. Bears, cheetahs, aardvarks, badgers, lions and leopards have cubs. Offspring of apes and people are called babies or infants.